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Stöttepelaren – “The Supporting Pillar”

A society for support of youth who sought asylum as unaccompanied minors

Stöttepelaren was founded in September 2017 by members from the network Stoppa utvisningarna av afghanska ungdomar! (Stop deportations of Afghan youth!). The aim is to fund and distribute support for youth who sought asylum in Sweden as unaccompanied minors. We primarily direct the support to such young persons of Afghan origin who do not get any support from state, municipalities or other organisations.

The organisation consists of about twenty local groups throughout Sweden. The members of the local groups and their network have good knowledge about the unaccompanied youths in the area and their needs. The collected money is primarily used for food, clothes, medicine and tickets for local transport, and sometimes for short time sleeping places and other special needs.

The money comes almost exclusively from private donors and is unabridged used for supporting the youths. The only administrative costs are those for bank service and webpage. All work, centrally as well as locally, is done by unpaid volunteers. All money is handled through the organisation’s central bank account and is from there distributed to the local groups, who give accounts for the use. Stöttepelaren is registered as “ideell förening” (charity organisation witout tax duty) at the Swedish tax authority.

Stöttepelaren has a public Facebook page and a webpage.

Stöttepelaren is eligible to receive grants from Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) America, which transfers gifts from US donors and checks the receivers. This means that US donors can make donations to Stöttepelaren and have this accepted in their tax declarations.

For more information and relevant documents, please contact the chair person


Chair person: Karin Fridell Anter, Uppsala
Vice chair person: Pia Sandqvist, Uppsala
Treasurer: Ingela Nordin, Uppsala

Other board members:
Bitti Lindmark, Luleå
Sigbritt Herbert, Pilgrimstad
Sonja Viklund, Mora

Ingrid Eckerman, Stockholm
Björn Eckerman, Stockholm
Mats Eliasson, Luleå

Donations from abroad
IBAN: SE2150000000053681106576 

Organization number
from Swedish Tax Agency: 802511-3047